Quiz Nights

We're making changes to our Quiz Night offering from 4th October.

Wednesday Quiz 8.30pm

Wednesday Quiz will start at NEW time 8.30pm prompt and will alternate between themed quizzes and Speed Quizzing.

If you’ve never done Speed Quizzing before, it’s fun, interactive and can be done very easily on a smartphone. Just one needed per team/table. Just download the app below. Take a look at the Speed Quizzing Guide.

The themed quizzes will be announced shortly. If you do have recommendations please let us know.

There will be a charge for the Wednesday quiz of £1 per person to play. So if there is 4 people in your team, that cost will be £4. This will be the same for the themed quizzes, although you will most likely still play on paper. There will be a nice cash prize for Wednesday quiz winners.

Pie & Peas

You can also pre-order Pie and Peas for £7 which will be served in the break.

Sunday Quiz-Link 8.00pm

Our Sunday Quiz-Link (Quiz / Bingo) is remaining, but it will now be FREE to play, and will kick off at New time 8pm.

Pizza Slice

You can pre order a Pizza Slice for £3, flavours will be announced in due course.

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